Did you know?

… that you can lease more than 3 km of casing pipe from us?
… that our vehicle fleet circles the earth more than 10 times every year?
... that more than 15,000 cups of coffee are made every year in our company?
… that our first rental cutting shoe with the product code MWH WS88-1 now serves as a fireplace!
... that our drilling devices can, altogether, provide a torque of 343 tons (3,430,000 Nm)?
… that llamas have been transported in our service vehicles?
… that we use more than 4 tons of welding rods per year?
… that we load and unload 7000 tons of tools every year?
… that more than 15% of our turnover is made in North America?

Kelly bars - Rental. Repair. Safe transport.

As a result of several years of experience maintaining our own kelly bars, two of our colleagues have specialized exclusively in their repair and maintenance. We also offer this service for all makes (Liebherr, Delmag, Bauer) to our suppliers, customers and rental partners. You can rent replacement kelly bars from us for the duration of the repair or special projects. In the recent past this service has already been used by Liebherr, Max Bögl, Wayss & Freytag, HTR Reichenbach and others. In order to make the associated loading and transport faster and, above all, safer, our colleagues have thought things through and developed reusable steel transport securing devices.

If you would also like to use these for your kelly bar transports, we will be happy to supply them to you.

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LIEBHERR LB16-180 converted to low-head version at Danish jobsite

For foundation specialist Hercules, we converted our LIEBHERR drilling rig LB16-180 (available on the market since 2017) to a low-head version...

Because good service needs space!

The construction work on our new workshop hall continues. Our current workshop, built in 2017, is bursting at the seams, as colleagues from tool and machine service...

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