Did you know?

... that our drilling devices can, altogether, provide a torque of 343 tons (3,430,000 Nm)?
… that llamas have been transported in our service vehicles?
… that our vehicle fleet circles the earth more than 10 times every year?
… that we load and unload 7000 tons of tools every year?
... that more than 15,000 cups of coffee are made every year in our company?
… that we use more than 4 tons of welding rods per year?
… that you can lease more than 3 km of casing pipe from us?
… that more than 15% of our turnover is made in North America?
… that our first rental cutting shoe with the product code MWH WS88-1 now serves as a fireplace!

Workshop foreman Tino Sass 10 years with BWH

When BWH began in 2009 to only rent out tools for the time being, we quickly reached the point where we also needed a flexible, in-house solution for maintenance and servicing. With Tino Sass we hired our first maintenance mechanic, who quickly familiarized himself with our field of expertise. The initial trepidation about large-scale technology rapidly gave way to the necessary respect. At that time it was not foreseeable that Tino also possesses the organizational talent to keep track of the service department, which has been growing steadily since then, in terms of technology, personnel and availability of our tools. The service department now comprises 18 employees. Our workshop hall is currently being extended by a further 900 to 1500 square meters.
It’s very reassuring to know that someone like Tino is at his post and hence a good time to say „Thank you„!

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09661 Hainichen / Sa.

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