Did you know?

… that our first rental cutting shoe with the product code MWH WS88-1 now serves as a fireplace!
… that llamas have been transported in our service vehicles?
… that our vehicle fleet circles the earth more than 12 times every year?
... that our drilling devices can, altogether, provide a torque of 345 tons (3,450,000 Nm)?
… that we load and unload 10000 tons of tools every year?
... that more than 15,000 cups of coffee are made every year in our company?
… that you can lease more than 3,5 km of casing pipe from us?
… that we use more than 5 tons of welding rods per year?

Dankeschön. Thank you. Dzięki. Tak. דאַנקען. Merci. Gracias. Tack. Grazie. Хвала. Bedankt. شكر

We would like to thank you for all the Christmas greetings, sentiments, calendars and gifts. Sadly the coronavirus situation often meant that we did not have the opportunity to say thank you in person. We would like to do so most sincerely, also on behalf of all our colleagues.

It’s good to know that you are by our side as our friends, suppliers and partners!

We are already looking forward to seeing you all in person again soon!

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09661 Hainichen / Sa.

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