Did you know?

... that more than 15,000 cups of coffee are made every year in our company?
… that we load and unload 10000 tons of tools every year?
… that llamas have been transported in our service vehicles?
… that you can lease more than 3,5 km of casing pipe from us?
… that we use more than 5 tons of welding rods per year?
... that our drilling devices can, altogether, provide a torque of 345 tons (3,450,000 Nm)?
… that our vehicle fleet circles the earth more than 12 times every year?
… that our first rental cutting shoe with the product code MWH WS88-1 now serves as a fireplace!

WAI water-powered down-the-hole hammers draw much interest at GEOFLUID

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth at Geofluid in Piacenza last week. Together with you, our partners from GDS and Drillking, we had a busy week full of interesting talks and lively discussions. Our series of WAI water-powered DTH hammers from 3.5 to 12″ generated strong interest. Especially after such a long time without personal contacts, we were very happy about everyone who visited us to talk shop with us over a beer or an espresso.

Warm regards from BWH and TDS

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From the East Coast to the West Coast

Our colleagues Lars Richter and Paul Sandberg from FDS in North America open the new location in California with FDS USA...

New workshop hall in use - more space for good service

Recently we put into operation another workshop hall with approx. 950m² area. The new workshop is used to repair...

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