Did you know?

… that you can lease more than 4 km of casing pipe from us.
… that our first rental cutting shoe with the product code MWH WS88-1 now serves as a fireplace.
… that our vehicle fleet circles the earth more than 17 times every year.
… that we load and unload 30,000 t of tools every year.
… that we use more than 1.0 t of welding rods per year.
... that more than 15,000 cups of coffee are made every year in our company.
… that we deliver to 45 countries around the world.
... that our drilling devices can, altogether, provide a torque of 5,520 t (5,520,000 Nm).
… that the average age at BWH is 41.1 years.
… that we sell more than 13,000 interchangeable cleats per year.
… that we have 4 charging stations for electromobility, but no electric car.
… that llamas have been transported in our service vehicles.
… that our company grounds cover an area of 2.0 ha.

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LIEBHERR LB16 goes on a diet and can fly

Monday, 16.05.2022

In the middle of the baroque quarter in Dresden, the former Hotel Stadt Leipzig is being renovated. The building complex will later be called "Heinrichshöfe"...

A Dresden success story and partnership continues!

Wednesday, 13.04.2022

This year, Jonas Greif can once again count on BWH as a supporter on his successful journey. This has now taken him to the PORSCHE CARRERA CUP Germany...

Three in one stroke - Low-head units for railroad construction site

Thursday, 31.03.2022

The rigs were rebuilt and delivered on schedule for one of our customers who needed three short-mast drilling rigs at the same time...

Support for the civilian population in Ukraine

Monday, 28.03.2022

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes ordered by the Russian leadership...

Modernization and expansion of rental fleet - 4 machines ordered from ABI and Delmag

Friday, 18.02.2022

Two Delmag RH18-200 and RH24-270 drilling rigs from our rental fleet were recently...

Clamp and breaking unit for DTH-hammers

Wednesday, 02.02.2022

Our new hydraulic clamp and breaking unit makes it possible to break DTH-hammers, rods, adapters, etc. quickly, efficiently and safely...

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. (Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr)

Monday, 20.12.2021

A year comes to an end - and what a year it was!
Sounds familiar? It does to us, too.
These were the opening words of our Christmas greetings last year, in 2020...

From the East Coast to the West Coast

Monday, 15.11.2021

Our colleagues Lars Richter and Paul Sandberg from FDS in North America open the new location in California with FDS USA...

New workshop hall in use - more space for good service

Thursday, 30.09.2021

Recently we put into operation another workshop hall with approx. 950m² area. The new workshop is used to repair...

WAI water-powered down-the-hole hammers draw much interest at GEOFLUID

Monday, 20.09.2021

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth at Geofluid in Piacenza last week. Together with you,...

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Low, lower, ultra-low

The conversion of drilling rigs into various low-head variants by temporarily shortening the mast...

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We are pleased to present our new BW39-H removeable bar...

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